sushi, parades and the 1st october day

Last night, my honey and I went out for dinner at Sake Cafe in Elmwood. I love eating sushi. It makes my body happy. I loooove rice. I’m Latina, I can’t get enough carbs! Sushi is a way for me to eat light, and not feel guilty for eating white rice. After eating dinner, we walked down to Pier 1 and World Market. We do Kris Kringle in my office, and I love buying gifts for the ladies in my office from these stores. If I hit the discount shelves correctly I can get some pretty sweet gifts for cheap! Any who….

I was in a great silly mood as we walked into Pier 1. Like my mother, I love looking at plate settings, wine glasses and home furnishings. My giddiness peaked when I saw the cutest apron! Now, I haven’t been cooking lately, for reasons that I will get into later….but when I saw this beautiful half apron, I died! I picked it up and immediately saw myself in my kitchen on a Saturday cooking exotic meals and deserts. I wanted it so bad! But my husband, who is definitely much more level-headed than I, suggested that I put it down and really think about my purchase yearning….since, I haven’t been cooking. I submitted to the suggestion. We have a lot of purchases coming up, including a birthday party for our soon to be 6-year-old. So, I know that I can’t be buying frivolously right now.  Almost 24 hours later and I still can’t get the apron off my mind.

Fell in love with this one

Pier 1 apron









Today my little one had her first school fair and parade. For selling so many raffle tickets, she was awarded the honor of being on “the court”. She got to ride in a bee car and throw beads…and unknowingly, I got to walk 2 miles this morning. I need the workout. It didn’t kill me. I really didn’t have time to worry about being tired because I was so captivated by how much fun Andrea was having. Ironically, Andrea hates parades. This makes going to Mardi Gras very difficult. However, she loved being in the parade. My daughter is quite a diva, so I can totally understand why she loved being in the parade. She can’t get enough cheers and adoration!

Her kindergarten class did the hula for their class performance. Children are too cute. Afterward, we took Andrea all over the fair to spend her “hornet bucks” playing games and taking a couple of tractor rides. It was a beautiful day in Nola. It was 78 degrees with a swift breeze surprisingly feeling like fall. I see some zoo outings (hopefully) in our future! So far, it has been a good weekend. I pray that tomorrow is just as good.

Me and my baby


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