I love R&B

I love the way R&B makes me feel when I listen to it. It makes my heart beat faster, it makes me think of sunny days and cool breezes. It even makes my eyes well up with tears sometimes.

R&B and Soul have definitely made a huge impression on my heart. R&B makes feel like a totally different person, maybe the realest part of me that’s been buried deep inside.

Really Soul music takes deep creativity, real musicianship, and a real voice. Though I love all kinds of music, R&B is on the highest pedestal for me. I see so much of myself in it’s melodic lullaby.

R&B reminds me of good old friends. R&B reminds me of a porch view, hardwood floors and BBQ. I could never let go of how it haunts me, stirs me, invites me in and charges me. I love R&B.


About Alejandra
I am a mother and wife. I work a regular 9-5. I love writing, whether if it's to vent, inspire or to just be creative. I can come from many different angles, but one thing is for sure. It's all me.

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