15: the routine from hell (for me anyway)

Worked out by myself again today, but instead of just going to the park to walk, my trainer gave me a routine to do at home. I came straight home after work, walked a mile on the levee. Then when I got home I began on the routine. I was asked to do regular push ups. Bleh! :/ My nemesis! They aren’t exactly my forte. My upper body is weak. I have never been able to do a regular push up in my life. I can barely do the “girlie” push ups! Adrianne asked me to try to do as many as I could of the regular push ups. I think I did one…probably more like half of one. I skipped the push ups for later…

Jumping Jacks, 25, Done! A set of 20 (each leg) lunges. At lunge 12, I could barely keep my balance. Lunge 18, I fell over. Already in pain, I whined on the floor. This is usually where I quit. I did my best! At least I tried….NO! I will finish this set! Got back up on my jello legs, and finished the last 2 lunges. Twenty-five (25) Jumping Jacks, again. This time, not as easy. By the 20th Jack my thighs were on fire. I stopped for a second, breathed in, did 8 more!

Then I figured it was time to try to tackle the modified push ups. I had to do 3 sets of 15. I suck at push ups. A couple of times I literally had to push myself off the floor. I don’t even think I did them correctly, but my body was definitely feeling the pain. Another set of lunges. I didn’t fall over this time, but the second time was definitely harder than the first. I’m gonna feel it tomorrow! After gulping down some water, I whined some more and got back on the floor. Who invented push ups?! If they’re not dead, someone needs to kill this person. Getting harder to push myself up. I could feel my lower back burning. That’s not good, is it? I tried to stay focus and keep my back as straight as possible. But now my belly was hitting the floor! What tha?! Who can not bend and do this??? I wanted to die. My focus was wavering and I was getting hot! Sweating is good….I have to be something, at least half way right.

OH! Completely forgot that before I started the sadistic part of this routine, I FINALLY used my exercise ball that my husband gave me earlier this year. Two sets of crunches, ten each. ….ok…back to hell…

On to the 3rd set of lunges. I was exercising in my bedroom and it was really quiet. I needed some motivation to end this routine; so I grabbed my Blackberry, put on Pandora and “Meet me halfway” by the Black Eyed Peas came on. “Ooh, I can’t go any further than this.” Totally understood that sentiment. “Ooh, I want you so badly it’s my only wish.” I saw a picture of the old thinner me, and new me I want to be. So, I pictured the goal in my head and went for it. The longest set of lunges I have ever done in my life. One more set of push ups…barely done..but done! I lay on the floor. My body felt like it was going to just waste away, but I just thought to myself, “You finished! It was hard as hell, and maybe it wasn’t perfect, but you finished. It’s hard now, but it will get easier…”

I didn't die!

This is how I really felt. LOL Beautiful, I know.

Yes, I can!


About Alejandra
I am a mother and wife. I work a regular 9-5. I love writing, whether if it's to vent, inspire or to just be creative. I can come from many different angles, but one thing is for sure. It's all me.

One Response to 15: the routine from hell (for me anyway)

  1. Auris Montalvo says:

    Everything that is worth obtaining takes SACRIFICE in order to later appreciate greatly. BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS sister, keepit up!! Its all worth it. Betcha felt very accomplished after you finished your routine even though you felt half dead.

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