5: it was a good day

After a busy weekend, Monday was almost welcomed. I was really waiting to see how my morning routine was going to translate here in Belle Chasse. I woke up around 5:30am, read my Bible and prayed. At 6am, I started getting ready for work. I had enough time to have a relaxing cup of coffee, get my lunch ready, even put on makeup before I walked out the door! 🙂

Needless to say, I felt real good this morning. Even though I had a bad food weekend, I was able to bounce back with no problem. I was ready to eat clean, I was prepared and I even was looking forward to getting to the park to work out. I did my 3 miles this evening. My trainer upped my mileage (I always stalled at 2 miles because I was scared. lol). She also instructed me to walk for 4 minutes and jog/run for 1 minute. Unfortunately, because I am so heavy right now it takes me walking 1 mile just warm up and stretch out the tendons in my knee. I don’t want to risk a set back because of an injury. So I just got to do what I got to do. I can’t jog too much just yet. It took me about 70 minutes to do the 3 miles, and I jogged 7 minutes of it. (NOT consecutively. I would die right now. lol)

Last week I struggled with the 3 miles and didn’t get my second wind till the end of the last lap. I definitely felt the burn and sweat quick today. It felt so good knowing that my body was warming up and burning up calories! I also upped my modified push ups from 10 to 15. I would like to see myself doing 20-25 push ups by Christmas.

I accomplished so many of my goals today, and it makes me feel like reaching higher tomorrow! God is opening my eyes to a lot of things; not only in His Word, but also about myself. He’s helping me connect everything about my life with Him, and that makes me feel less lost than I was feeling before. I pray that He keeps making me feel complete. As much as I want to lose weight and regain my self esteem, I don’t want to even believe that I can only feel complete in myself. I’m still trying to place everything in my “God box” than keeping Him separate from everything else…I’m praying for wisdom and more desire for Him.


About Alejandra
I am a mother and wife. I work a regular 9-5. I love writing, whether if it's to vent, inspire or to just be creative. I can come from many different angles, but one thing is for sure. It's all me.

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