16: weighing in & checking out

To weigh in, or not to weigh in? That is the question! I have been doing so well these past 2 months. My attitude has changed. My cravings have changed. My body even asks to workout! The inches have flown off! The bloat in my belly is practically non-existent!! I went from 222 lbs to 213 in a matter of a month!Or so I thought….

We moved to my in-laws’ house in November. I had left my scale at my mom’s house, so I have been using the scale at Sean’s Grandma’s house. I weighed in 2 weeks ago, 213. I was so happy! Almost 10 lbs lost and at the rate I had been going I could see myself breaking 200 by January.

This Tuesday, I did Zumba! It was so fun and got a real good burn in. Since I was close by, I went to visit my mom. I picked up my scale and took it home. Wednesday morning I stepped on my scale, after I showered. 216.2 pounds! What tha?! Okay. It’s okay. My muscles feel a little heavy after working out Monday & Tuesday. Plus, it’s that time of the month! I’m retaining water. It’s okay
But I couldn’t shake the funk or the let down, that I probably never was 213 pounds, and since then (even still today, hence why I write this) I’ve just checked out of the motivation. I’ve eaten crap dinners both Wednesday and last night. My trainer is reading this, and I’m sure she’ll want to murder me.

I keep stepping on both scales and I feel confused and bewildered! Yes, bewildered! I had already struggled with the question, “When are the pounds going to start flying off?!” When the first scale read 213, I thought that I had finally broken the wall. Now I feel like I haven’t even cracked it. Sean gets frustrated with me because I do feel better and I CAN see the difference in my body, but there’s just something about seeing those numbers decrease.

So here I am. Trying to stay motivated. Trying to break through the funk of disillusionment. It’s overly dramatic, I’m sure, but it’s so painfully real to me. I just don’t want to punish myself. I want to keep working because that’s all I can do. Gotta keep the mantra going that I picked up from Dolvett on The Biggest Loser. “Dedication! Hard work! Hard work! Dedication!”

Some say weigh in once a week. Others say throw the scale away. I say, who cares either way and just keep living the healthy life.

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About Alejandra
I am a mother and wife. I work a regular 9-5. I love writing, whether if it's to vent, inspire or to just be creative. I can come from many different angles, but one thing is for sure. It's all me.

One Response to 16: weighing in & checking out

  1. Anamaris says:

    Never, ever trust the scales. See the image in the mirror. How the clothes fit. That you can trust. Scales, hmmmm that’s relative. Your muscles are growing, the fat is being burned. Muscle mass is heavy but occupies less space than fat. So, while you are losing inches your weight might remain the same.
    Get off that ugh! train. And keep on moving, woman! It took years to gain the weight, it is not going to disappear overnight! Keep it up! You are making great progress. Love you always!

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