25: just keep on going

Geezum… Finally got around to writing this week. It’s been nuts-o getting back on track. Last weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday. That alone seemed to take over the entire weekend, and the rest of the week seemed like a health bust. I maintained my weight over the week, with only a couple of food pit falls, but I didn’t move at all! My body yearned for the activity, but my foggy mind completely won the battle. Now, they say “mind over matter”, but this was ridiculous.

I have to admit that Mission LBD S14 is not going to get accomplished as I had hoped. So I just decided to edit the mission. I’m going to concentrate on eating lean and training mean. God help me (Amen), I will not eat any fast food for the rest of this month. I want to kick the habit severely. I just would like like to see myself drop 4 more pounds before this year is over. I know I can do it.

I started over this weekend with the eating lean, and today I finally got off my behind and went to the park. I walked my 4 miles, which I originally was not planning on doing, and I finished them in 78 minutes! I shaved off 2 minutes from my previous times of 80 minutes! I concentrated solely on walking. I briskly walked the first 3 miles in about an hour, and did some light jogging in the last mile. I had less than a quarter of a mile to go before completing the last mile. I looked down at the clock. The time read 4:55pm, and I took off in a mad sprint toward my car! It felt so good. It was almost freeing, like flying. Now my legs feel like cinder blocks, but oh well, I’ll rest well tonight. 😉


I’ve started getting my Bible reading and church going back on track. God is amazing. It’s so funny to me how I can bounce right back into His word and feel like a scholar. lol The first day I started, I read the first 3 chapters of Matthew. Spent 40 minutes of it researching gold, frankinsence and myrrh. Received so much from it. God is so generous. Don’t ever think you can’t get anything from Him. He’s willing and waiting to give. We just have to ask for it, seek it, and knock for it.That’s one thing that I have learned also from my Matthew readings. We must do the leg work. We can’t expect everything to fall in to our laps. God rewards our work. He admires and encourages diligence!

Tie that truth (as I am trying to) into everything you do. Don’t be afraid to do the work. Don’t be afraid to take the leap into starting over and over and over again, if you must. There are lessons to learn with everything victory and defeat. So just keep going! Walk (and eat and exercise) by faith and not by sight! Results don’t show up  over  night. The best things are worth fighting and waiting for! What good is knowledge of the Word, if we lack a humble heart to put what we learn into practice? And what good is a size 12 body, if you lack the discipline to maintain it?

Things to think about this week. Thank God for another week, another day. I want to do my best to keep going; I pray that you’re able to do the same.



About Alejandra
I am a mother and wife. I work a regular 9-5. I love writing, whether if it's to vent, inspire or to just be creative. I can come from many different angles, but one thing is for sure. It's all me.

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