28: so tired

I really can’t say any more. The title says it all. I’m tired. So tired. It’s the end of day 2, and I feel like I could sleep for a week! I worked out Sunday, Monday, yesterday and today. And it hasn’t been puppy dog tails and rainbows. These work outs have been limit pushing; more reps, further lengths, shorter times.

Last night I was on cloud 9 from my walk/jog. Though I had pushed my body last night, by cutting down my time, at the end I felt like I could of jogged another lap! Today I got on that track and pushed my body just to walk briskly. I jogged today, but not nearly as long or as hard. And it didn’t take long for the sweat to pour down my face. But I pushed through the fatigue and finished strong at 70 minutes. Right on target!

Once my head hits the pillow I will be gone. Tomorrow is another day. *sigh* Bring it!

Good night! Zzzz…

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About Alejandra
I am a mother and wife. I work a regular 9-5. I love writing, whether if it's to vent, inspire or to just be creative. I can come from many different angles, but one thing is for sure. It's all me.

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