23: let’s do it!

I’m halfway through this 40 day cycle, and at times it has felt like, ‘same ol’ same ol’.” Food and excercise trends are becoming habits, in a good way. And yet… I’m having an unsettling feeling at the moment. It’s a strange feeling of “looking back”.  Not giving up, just kinda like…how can I explain it?


The feeling kind of reminds me of the Israelites in the desert. After a couple of weeks of being “stuck” in the desert, though totally free from slavery, the Israelites began to whine. Paraphrasing of course, “Oh, how we miss Egypt. The food, the meat, the veggies…” TOTALLY forgot about the back-breaking labor FORCED upon them. I’m feeling a little that way now. “Oh, Wendy’s, how I miss your double stacks. So tasty, so yummy…” TOTALLY forgetting the havoc they caused my stomach, how miserably bloated and slow they made me.

Any loss of focus, on the bigger picture, can cause us a temporary loss of sanity. This is the time to be the most cautious! Laser beam focus is what is required. I’m starting a 2 week challenge, to end these 40 days with a positive bang! For the rest of this week, I’m going to plan my meals with precision, and work out 6 times a week. No excuses to miss a work out. I have not joined a gym yet, and still go back and forth on it. I know that I can do all my work outs at home or at the park. It’s time to get it right, get it tight!

Do what you must to stay focused on your goals! You can do this! I can do this! Let’s DO this!


About Alejandra
I am a mother and wife. I work a regular 9-5. I love writing, whether if it's to vent, inspire or to just be creative. I can come from many different angles, but one thing is for sure. It's all me.

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