Resurrection in progress

I’m surprised how much I’ve actually posted! I wanted to create a page that had “transformation” pictures on it, but I could never get the  pictures to post the way I wanted them too. Then brilliance! Instead of a picture  page, I decided to give easy links to posts that I think show the biggest transformations I’ve made (some pics included). I don’t just want to share progress pictures, I want to share the progress of my life! I hope you enjoy these posts. **I’ll keep adding more links the more I write.**

Fat Clothes and yo-yo’s

First step down a long road

Life happens, giving myself mercy & accepting surrender

The routine from hell (for me anyway)

Good weekend

Linking body and spirit

Not the end but just beginning

Just keep on going

Accomplished and still going

D’oh! (lesson learned)

Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Ending and starting again

Staying motivated

It’s a celebration! (I’m a bad Mama Jama)

A relationship for life

Let’s do it!

End of the 3rd round, a look back and a look forward


I just want to cry

It’s a new day (letting go and moving on)

Mission 200

Accountability…to yourself

The weekend so far

“almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades” OR “Trying to keep a positive outlook”

Oh, happy day! 199

Trigger eating


Real living

Life in 40 days, Part 1


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